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Dream Factory is a development & consultancy agency building scalable and reliable solutions. We specialize in backend technologies, providing cutting edge solutions to our clients.

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Building scalable and reliable solutions

Using the original principles of agile and extreme programming we are able to provide you with quick and tangible results.

Fast feedback is what steers us in the right direction, reducing cost and time of development by orders of magnitude.

Highly Scalable Solutions
We’ve produced numerous scalable solutions ranging from high-traffic marketing applications, highly available microservices, enterprise database sync middleware to satellite relay systems.
Full Stack Development
We offer complete services from specification to design, implementation, hosting and maintenance. If you need any of these services, or all of them don’t hesitate to contact us!
Enterprise Systems
Need a solution tailored by the specific needs of your organization? Our team has relevant experience developing large-scale systems in various business and technology domains.
About us

About us

Challenge drive us

We seek to find difficult problems to solve. Throughout the years we have built proven solutions in different industries: ranging from production, marketing, fintech, telecom to high-volume distributed retail.

We strive to deliver without compromise while working at a fast pace, developing through an iterative process and focusing on delivering the highest value immediately. In our approach we combine both mature & stable platforms with cutting edge technologies such as blockchain, containerized microservices, kubernettes, etc. For us technology is a tool, we choose the tech stack which is best suited for the domain & problem at hand and the systems we build are self-sustaining and long running.


We value human resources above all else. We believe investing in human potential is the only way to deliver outstanding results. Essential to this process is building an amazing place to work & grow.

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